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Last Updated: January 15, 2024

Top 5 Self-Published Books To Read This Summer!

Must Read For Summers

Hey readers! The summer season is finally here, and it is a perfect opportunity to sort out your reading habits! Plus, with the pleasant surroundings, vibrant colors, and warm summery feeling, it would be impossible not to read your favorite books.

But while there are countless books out there, why not step off the usual path and explore the world of self-publishing gems? These independent authors will give your life new perspectives, and you’ll enjoy each of them.

And the best part? We’ve already picked the top 5 ones, so you wouldn’t have to spend hours searching around. That said, let’s get started!

What Are Self-Published Books?

Though the world is full of writers and impeccable manuscripts. But not everyone gets a chance to publish their ideas through big publishing companies. So, instead of that, most newbies self-publish their books on such platforms.

It’s like a special homemade project where you get to be the planner and executor of your ideas till the end. Also, many writers get to design their own covers and get a say on formatting styles.

Further, though, it’s hard to decide which way is better. But with self-publishing, you get to explore your creative side and look beyond the process of just writing.

And Why Is Summer The Perfect Season To Read Them?

Ah, summer, the season of sunny adventures and lazy days! It’s the perfect time to dive into self-published books and explore amazing worlds. Here’s why:

1. Freedom To Choose

There is something in the summer air; it makes you rebellious but in a good way. And with self-publishing books, you can explore various genres and stories.

So, from magical fantasies to love stories and self-reflecting dilemmas, you can pick on any adventure and learn new things.

2. Hidden Gems

Self-published authors are like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. Since they don’t have the big marketing machines of traditional publishers, their books may not be as well-known. But that’s the exciting part!

Summer is the time to uncover those hidden gems, the captivating stories that haven’t become blockbuster hits yet. Thus, you can find a talented author with a fresh and exciting perspective. And make your reading experience special.

3. Inspiring Independence

Some people also symbolize summer with growth and self-discovery. And what better way to embrace your own independence than by reading self-published books?

These authors have taken a brave leap, publishing their work on their terms. Their stories can inspire you to pursue your dreams and believe in yourself. Further, you can even get the inspiration to write your book one day!

4. Beach & Book Bliss

Picture this; you’re lying on a sandy beach or lounging in a cozy hammock. And the warm sun feels light on your skin while you read your favorite self-publishing book.

Since such books are often portable and available in many formats, you can bring them along on your summer adventures. It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling or enjoying a staycation; these books will be your perfect companion!

Top 5 Self-Published Books

Okay, enough stalling! Let’s get on to the good part, i.e., discovering the top 5 self-published books for this summer season;

1.   Still Alice By Lisa Genova

This book is about a woman named Alice, who also teaches cognitive psychology. At first, everything seemed to be perfect. But at the age of 50, she starts experiencing forgetfulness and confusion and gets diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

The book follows Alice’s journey as she navigates the challenges of living with Alzheimer’s. And she faces difficulties in remembering things and time and even forgets her loved ones’ names.

Overall, the book is a perfect summer read as it educates about the disease and brings a new perspective to people’s lives.

2.   The One You Love By Emma Holden

The One You Love is a gripping and emotional story about Emma, who gets caught up in a web of secrets and danger. As the book unfolds, Emma finds out about the dark secrets her husband has been keeping from her.

And while uncovering the truth, she gets stuck in a series of shocking events and suspense that threaten her life. Filled with suspense and twists, the book is a compelling tale of love, betrayal, and survival.

Though the summer season is all happy and warm. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy thrillers!

3.   Beautiful Disaster By Jamie McGuire

Beautiful Disaster is an exciting and captivating story about a college student, Abby Abernathy. With a complicated past and tough life, she starts fresh at a new school. But the same darkness appears when she meets a guy, Travis Maddox.

As the two opposite attracts, Abby gets caught up in intense emotions and dramatic situations. And they both bring out the worst in each other. In between, their hearts go through several breakups and mending sessions.

The book keeps a reader engaged with its rollercoaster emotions and cliff-hangers. To sum up, it’s a story of love, passion, and the complexities of a relationship. And gives the reader a perspective of finding beautiful things in disasters.

4.   Paradise Lost By John Milton

Milton published this masterpiece with a subscription back in the 17th century. Though many prominent publishing houses are selling multiple editions to this day, Milton did it first.

The book is an epic story about the rebellion of Satan and his followers as they get kicked out of heaven. Milton uses many themes, literary devices, and allegories to describe the depths of Hell. And his use of words and vivid imagery make it a fantastic read for this summer season.

5.   Before I Turn Insane By Samantha K

Before I Turn Insane is a young-adult fiction about finding love and healing yourself. Though the main catch is that you’ve to stay sane regardless.

Following the lives of Nur and Xavier, the story brings two opposite persons together. While Nur lives on the border of reality and imagination, Xavier tests her ability to differentiate between reality and paranoia. And standing on the brink of losing themselves, Nur and Xavier find their way to each other before going insane.

This self-published book by Samantha K. would be a perfect read for this summer. It explores themes like self-reflection, romance, and healing.

The Takeaway

So, we all can agree that summer is the perfect time to dive into the world of self-published books and explore new perspectives. And the above-listed gems will be an epic head start you shouldn’t miss! Besides, who knows, you might end up writing and publishing something on your own.

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